care of creation


IMG_4781I have spent a great deal of time over the last 3 months considering whether the likes of recycling, buying fair trade products or my use of electricity has any implications on my faith or in fact involved my faith at all.  While I am still thinking/reading/considering I am swiftly coming to the conclusion that yes – how I treat and use the earth and its resource’s  is an expression of my faith, whether I recognise it or not. 

It would be easy to feel overwhelmed and depressed about the current environmental crisis we find ourselves in.  And although it is serious and somewhat scary, as someone who believes in the God of Creation, I find myself being challenged and excited about the mandate we have to care for creation.  The salvation story of Christ involves all of creation, not just humanity.   

Below is the first draft on the introduction to an essay I am writing on this topic. It gives a little indication to where I’m heading.

The prevailing understanding of biblical texts and Christian traditions has been defined by its concentration on the relationship between humanity and God.  As a result there has been little attention to the environment in which this relationship takes place.  A close look at Scripture reveals that the natural world is also in relationship with God and must be included in a discussion of soteriology and missiology.

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