divine interconnectedness

It has been confronting working through some of these issues of God’s view of creation and His intimate involvement with the earth.  No doubt my thoughts and theology have been radically challenged and have evolved accordingly.  However the ‘real life’ challenge has been in regards to my youngest daughter and her struggle with a multitude of health issues. The current challenge my little darling is facing is in regards to severe eczema. You don’t ever want to hear ‘that’s the worst I’ve ever seen’ from any doctor, but that’s what we keep hearing.  It has been so bad that her right eye has been partially closed due to swelling and eczema on the eye lid. 

It is distressing for her and heartbreaking for me/us. 

The doctors have put her on a range of drugs and steroids in the form of drops, creams, liquids and tablets.  It makes no sense to me to be exposing her to chemicals and drugs when her immune system is obviously struggling and reacting, but we didn’t feel like we had many options. 

So we decided take her back to a Naturopath who we have had great success with previously.  The Naturopath recommended a homeopathic remedy, a natural cream and a natural pro-biotic to boost her immune system.  

Within 24 hours of starting the natural/homeopathic remedies we saw a marked improvement. In fact it was almost shocking how quickly we saw an improvement.  And within a week you could barely see any sign of eczema.  It has been extraordinary.  We are relieved and grateful.    

For some reason the use of herbs and natural ingredients worked with our girl. 

Surely this reflects God’s involvement in the world and his desire for humanity to work with and for the earth as opposed to exploiting it.  I am challenged by the idea that there is a profound interconnectedness between humanity and the earth.  While homeopathic medicine may not be to everyone’s liking (that’s fine) it does raise questions as to how God created the world and perhaps there is the possibility that we were designed to work much more ‘with’ creation than against it or in authority over it?

I think it’s worth my time considering some of these things.  There is theological implications to a ‘divine interconnectedness’ that I find exciting and possibly revolutionary.


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