I’ve just had a very strange experience.

I had recently found out that I need to have a root canal (or extraction) done, after much thought and discussion I decided to have the tooth removed.  Probably for more ideological reasons than health and well-being reasons (ie. I couldn’t justify spending thousands of $ on one tooth). 

So this morning I went to have my tooth extracted and the dentist refused.

He told me that I was ‘being silly’ and that he doesn’t take teeth out.  Huh?

There are just so many things wrong with this.  I’m still slightly reeling. 

I don’t know what this dentist’s intentions were or if he was having a bad day or what was going on, but the results were not very pleasant for me.  I felt intimidated and I did indeed feel ‘silly’.  I did not feel like a rational human being with a valid opinion!  If nothing else it once again made me realise the power of words and the way they can be used to wield power. 

So the plan of action is as follows;

firstly, make an appointment with a dentist who will take out the tooth,

secondly, retreat into words that whisper truth and speak of grace.


Our Eden is the heart of Christ.

Let grace come, Jesus.

Your name is on my heart.

Your Holy Name is on the tower of my heart.

Let grace come and let this world pass away,

Jesus, You Who are living in my exhausted heart.

Thomas Merton


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