IMG_5315It was our littlest girl’s 2nd birthday last week and we let her decide on which birthday cake she wanted (remember the good old Women’s Day Birthday Cake Book?!).  She chose the owl cake, which was actually a good choice considering she could have picked the carousel or the snake.  I don’t really like baking but little girls birthday cakes is one of the time’s I make an exception.  Initially the whole owl thing was quite random but, as these things tend too, it evolved into something more.  Owls ended up on the invites, on the walls, on the wrapping paper and hanging from the lights! 

There is something quite mysterious about owls. 

Throughout many cultures owls represent wisdom, intuition and intelligence.  The Native American tribes believed that the owl was their protector against harm and the ancient Greeks made the owl an emblem of wisdom. 

I would like to think that our little girl carries some of those traits – wise, intuitive, intelligent.  But even if she doesn’t, she had a lovely birthday and ate ridiculous amounts of owl cake and loved every second of it!



One response to “owl

  • Geoff

    ooh, good cake! Bec’s littlest sister Hannah (who is hardly that little nowadays) had a huge fascination with owls when she was little – apparently she failed an eye test deliberately to get glasses to look more like an owl, or something like that anyway. But I’ll have to have a word in an ear or two before your next girl’s birthday – I always wanted the train from the front cover of that book!

    Living vicariously through someone else’s children – that’s a new one…

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