tour de france

Yes it’s true – I love the Tour de France. I love the commitment and passion of the riders.  I love the complex strategies and technicalities of the race. I love the competition, rivalry and camaraderie.  I love that it is, to a degree, a team sport and they rely so heavily on their teams.  I am impressed by the pure strength and determination of the riders. 

I have a team I am deeply committed to – Saxo Bank.  I have a favourite – Fabian Cancellara (although I have soft spot for the Schleck boys).

As someone commented the other day, ‘who’d have thought Catherine would be into watching sport!’  And they are quite right,  even I find it weird that I love it and stay up all night to watch it.  But the Tour inspires imagination and possibility.  These men are not only good at what they do, they have committed to pursue it to the highest possible level.        

I find that incredibly challenging.  There are things that I claim to love doing and have a degree of competency at and yet I rarely pursue them outside my comfort zone.  I guess I am trying to push myself  a little more of late, but the watching the Tour does encourage me to be bolder and more determined.   

We have friends coming over tonight to watch the Tour with us (the lovely Geoff and Bec) and I feel they maybe slightly shocked at our involvement.  Maybe I’ll get them to sign a confidentiality agreement first….


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