tour de france II

I have to admit that I think that I am way to involved in the Tour de France.  I have started referring to the riders by their first names (ie. Andy, Frank, Fabian), the SBS website is my current homepage and I am exhausted due to the late night telecast of the stages. 

There is only 4 stages to go and on Saturday night (our time) the Tour rides to Ventoux, the highest point in Provence at 1, 912 metres.  Popular opinion is that the winner will be decided at Mt Ventoux.  And even more specifically, that Alberto Contador (Astana) will be that rider. 

Saxo Bank (my adopted team) have done an extraordinary job, the Schleck brothers (Andy and Frank) have ridden superbly.  They are currently 2nd and 3rd in the GC (General Classification) and are fighting hard to dislodge Contador.  I am impressed by their determination and perseverance.  These men are elite athletes and clever strategist’s.

What am I going to do when it’s all over? 

(Vuelta a Espana (the Tour of Spain) starts at the end of August – phew.)


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