father’s day

All my husband wanted for Father’s Day was to go for a big ride on his mountain bike.  He is currently in training for a big race in two weeks time and needed to do a 5-6 hour ride this last weekend in preparation.  And because I couldn’t think of anything else to give him –  the afternoon off to ride is what he got.

Sadly, the ‘big ride’ didn’t turn out quite the way he or I hoped.  He called me after about two hours and told me that he had been hit by a car and needed to be picked up.  He is fine, badly bruised and grazed, very sore and nursing a badly sprained hand.  He was incredibly lucky.  The car (a 4WD) hit him front on and he flew over the front, off the bonnet and on to the other side of the road.  There is no doubt, by hubby, or driver, or witnesses, that it was 100% the driver’s fault.  

My husband is an incredibly safe rider.  He wears a bright red jersey, he looks vaguely like a Christmas tree with the amount of lights he wears and he is always aware of where he and others are on the road.  So for him to be hit is hard to take, particularly when it could have been so easily avoided.  

His bike did not fair as well as he did.  Nor his helmet, shoes or jersey.  At this stage he doesn’t think he or the bike will be ready for the race in two weeks. It is very disappointing for him.

I recently saw a facebook  group dedicated to ‘hating’ riders on the Mountain near  where we live near.  I understand that there are some riders who are not respectful of others on the road and take unnecessary risks.  I also understand that it can be frustrating when you live on the Mountain and you are constantly driving around riders (we use to live on the mountain too – we get it).  But the flip side is when safe riders get hit by dodgy drivers…that is unacceptable.  And facebook groups committed to fueling the antagonism between riders and drivers is not humorous, appropriate or helpful…. 


…and off my soapbox I get.


Happy Father’s Day AJ. xx


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