holiday happiness

I have spent a good part of today trekking through a shopping centre trying to finish off  my Christmas list.  The day was saved by the presence of a dear friend and the laughs, chats and coffee she brought with her.  As a result I am feeling very tired and want a cup of tea and a lie down.  Instead I am going to reminisce about our holiday (was that only last week?) and some of the lovely things I brought home with me while I get tea ready for the gang.

Lovely hubby came home one day while we were away with this little bottle of happiness for me.  It is a gorgeous bottle of ‘Gin and Rosewater’ perfume by Tokyo Milk.  It smells delicious and fresh, it is the perfect for summer. 

I also came home with the catalogue from the ‘Masterpieces of Paris’ exhibition.  I am not prone to such things but this particular exhibition was so awe-inspiring I decided it was worth it.  I am a huge Van Gogh fan and to see ‘Starry Night’ ‘in the flesh’ was a treat.  The range of Monet’s and Cezanne’s was vast and lovely as well.


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