joyeux noel II

OK – so I couldn’t really just leave a Christmas post like the one below by itself, even for me that seems a tad unbalanced! 

The other day I overheard my 4-year-old say the following to my 2-year-old,

‘I have to tell you about Jesus.  Jesus is cool’.  (She then went on to say, ‘This dinosaur has feet’, so I have no grand ideas that she is the next Billy Graham).  

It was a lovely to hear her talk about Jesus with such familiarity.  In fact, it made me slightly nostalgic for times when my understanding of Jesus was so simple and Christmas was purely a time to celebrate how ‘cool’ Jesus is in all his truth and grace. 

Last year around this time I was involved in putting together a little Christmas celebration and I gathered together a selection of quotes on Christmas which we read and discussed.  So I thought in the spirit of Christmas or in the spirit of trying to get to the true spirit of Christmas I would post some of those quotes.   

Dietrich Bonhoeffer on Christmas…

We have become so accustomed to the idea of divine love and of God’s coming at Christmas that we no longer feel the shiver of fear that God’s coming should arouse in us. We are indifferent to the message, taking only the pleasant and agreeable out of it and forgetting the serious aspect, that the God of the world draws near to the people of our little earth and lays claim to us. The coming of God is truly not only glad tidings, but first of all frightening news for everyone who has a conscience.

The Grinch (Dr Seuss) on Christmas…

“Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas… perhaps… means a little bit more.”


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