paroles mesurées de lundi

I have recently realised that I read to escape and I write in an attempt to discover solidity and clarity. 

And so ends any secret desire I had to ever write fiction (which I didn’t have, so I’m not too bothered!). 

It is an interesting juxtaposition.  I pick up a book and am instantly transported somewhere else and into someone else’s context.  I have succeeded in removing myself from my little world. 

But I write in hope of discovering truth and grace in my little world.  Perhaps I have needed to do more escaping lately, but I seem to be reading a lot more than I am writing.  However it is also the time of year for taking it easy and relaxing with a good book so I am not too concerned about my avoidance of putting pen to paper. 

A lovely friend of mine, on her blog (, has introduced ‘Illustration Friday’s’ where she shares illustrations from children’s books.  It is a lovely idea and I am going to unashamedly copy her (thanks Bec!)!

So let me introduce ‘paroles mesurées de lundi’ (which is French for ‘Monday’s measured words’).  I will attempt to put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) and start writing.

This is not a New Year’s resolution!

It is because I need to get serious about it.  

I need to get disciplined.

I need to challenge myself.

And I need to pursue this thing that I have secretly loved and held tightly to my chest for a long time. 

Let’s see what happens…bring on Monday!

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