Because I am notorious for writing lists I have spent the last day or two putting together a spreadsheet of our family’s weekly activities for this year.  It is going to be busy! Which is how we like it (relatively).  But it also means that when all our regular activities begin there will be less time for one-off special adventures.  So we have tried to tick a few things of our ‘we really must do that’ list (another list!).  A couple of the extra special things have included going to see the National English Ballet Company’s Angelina Ballerina.  It was a delight. We loved it and were enchanted by these amazing dancers (dancing with mouse heads and tails attached!).  It also induced spontaneous dancing to occur at the Arts Centre – the perfect way to end a night at the Ballet!

We also went to the Melbourne Museum today, which was fantastic.  The girls loved the dinosaurs and the weird giant squid.    

Next on the list is the Supper Market at Abbotsford Convent on Friday night.  We love a good market and the girls love choosing from the great range of possible foods and eating outside in the grounds of the beautiful old Convent.  While routine and timetables are necessary (for me) I do love special adventures with special girls.


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