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tick the box

Oh happy day!

Tick box where applicable….for things that make you happy.

French Film Festival

Anthropologie shipping to Australia ☑ (big tick!)

Little girls who love Mary Poppins ☑

Beautiful cook books like Rustica

surrounding yourself with beauty?

I have been thinking a lot about the idea that life is about richness and fullness. There are so many ways to interpret the concept of ‘life in fullness’, and of course it starts with family and friends and moments with the people you love.

I am also trying to work out how much it relates to the places and spaces we live in.

Part of my concern in ascribing to the concept is that often richness and fullness are equated with ‘things’ and acquiring more ‘things’, and I don’t want to be about that, and I certainly don’t want to advocate for that.  But I am discovering that there is also something very nurturing and enriching about surrounding yourself with objects that emanate peace and beauty.  And therefore  filling your life with beauty and richness.

Theologically there are lots of implications, which is also part of what I’m working through.

A friend recently lent me a copy of Sibella Court’s ‘Etcetera: creating beautiful interiors with the things you love‘ and I have loved flipping through her photos and explanations for why she creates particular spaces and the importance of personal treasures to make a space beautiful.   Below is a photo from her store which is opening in Sydney soon, it gives you a little taste of why I like the way she thinks!

And this divine photo from simple bluprint inspires me, makes me sigh with happiness, encourages me towards creativity and makes me wonder at its beauty.  Surely these are all good things?

So lots to think about (and lots to gaze at lovingly!).

blue rose

It seems that owls are the ‘in’ thing at the moment.  They are everywhere.  Even we have seen a little influx around our house in the shape of soft toys and a birthday cake.  It’s always a bit tempting to jump on a band wagon and go with the flow (in so many instances and in so many ways…).  While the current ‘I love owls’ band wagon has no great moral ramifications one way or the other, for myself or anyone else, I am choosing to not jump on. Instead I am going to start my own little band wagon (of 1!).  I adore blue roses.  They are unique and romantic and slightly ominous.  I just love them. And it seems I may have a few potential band wagon jumpers out there.  I found more than a few little blue rose treasures out in the blogesphere/etsy world.

This gorgeous blue rose necklace from tiedupmemories.

This sweet mobile by thimblythings.

Or this gorgeous fabric pin from carriegirl.

And for even more blue rose love – check out this little Treasury on Etsy.

Feel free to jump on.  I may even make some ‘I heart blue roses’ badges for all those on my little band wagon. x

set an example

The time for uncertainty is done.

Do it now or don’t do it.

Life was always meant to be about richness and completeness.

Learn a language.  Start a business.  Pursue a love.  Enrol to study.  Read a book.  See that movie.

Change direction.

Set an example.

Write and write and write some more.

It’s not a risk, it’s a quest.

Slay the dragon of indifference, defeat the fear.

(My girls are watching.  They watch everything.  They see me try, they see me fail.  They see me laugh and they see me cry.  They see me attempt to do better and be better.)

And on the top of my list of things to do: Pray that these girls grow to be women who know that they can be anyone, do anything, who know they are worthy and that they are loved.

Life was always meant to be about richness and completeness.

i heart…

My friend over at Freindly Fire recently posted an update of blogs he is reading, particularly new kids on the blogging block – such a great idea.  There are so many new blogs popping up around me and some really deserve a little blogging love sent their way.

A couple of my favourite new blogs also happen to belong to two of my favourite people.  Both these girls are good thinkers and their blogs reflect their lives beautifully.  Check out Erin’s here for sweet ideas and her lovely thoughts, and LadyJamie (who’s etsy site has made an appearance here once before) has started blogging here and is also inspiring and thoughtful.

And when Freindly Fire posts something, it is always worth reading.  Sometimes funny, sometimes insightful, always interesting.

top 5

I know summer is not quite over yet, but I don’t think any other book I am reading is going to make it into my top 5 for the summer. So here is the top 5 for the Summer of 2009/2010.

Summer Meditations, Vaclav Havel (amazing, insightful, honest and raw – it doesn’t get better than this)

Everything is Illuminated, Jonathon Safran Foer (heartbreakingly beautiful)

Cannery Row, John Steinbeck (Steinbeck at his perceptive best)

Revolutionary Road, Richard Yates (deeply impacting, huge potential to change your life – be warned!)

The Reader, Berhard Schlink (bittersweet)

And in some exciting news…Popular Penguins (which is essentially our Book Clubs’ reading list) is releasing 75 new books in June!  I am eagerly awaiting the release list and have high hopes!  We’ll see what eventuates!

ice cream roses

My very perceptive 4 year old calls these ‘ice cream roses’.  Which is perfect.  They do have a depth of colour and texture that makes you think of really good ice cream (and in the case above, dark chocolate ice cream!).

I love these little treasures, they are chic and fun.  And come in really great colours, check them out here.