monday’s measured words – it’s all about the lycra

Things have been a little quiet here, that is because we have been away.  Hubby and I went to watch the Tour Down Under in Adelaide (cycling race).  It was exciting and so much fun.  We had a lovely time away, it was the first time we had ever left the girls, making it slightly unnerving, but awfully liberating! To eat at a restaurant and not hurry! – the joy of the simple things!  And while the cycling was undoubtedly the highlight, the tapas restaurant we discovered deserves a mention for its spectacular food, delicious wine and lovely atmosphere.

I, as have many others, have wondered why-oh-why I am so interested in Pro-Cycling.  And no – it is not the lycra!

On the last day of the Tour Down Under, in our excitement, we read the times wrong and arrived at our designated spot 4.5 hours before the race.  Oops.  I had a good book and some lovely people next to me to chat to (who arrived before we did and were cracking open their 2nd bottle of wine at 11.30am!), and I had lots of time to think about this whole cycling thing.  I’m sure if I was so delve into my psyche I would discover some hidden meaning to it all but I’d rather not and really I think it is quite simple.  Pro-cyclists are brilliant.  They are intelligent, strategic, reliant on their teams and elite.  I love their dedication and their pursuit of excellence.

In a cycling team there is a definite understanding and appreciation for everyone’s role or ‘job’.  There are sprinters, and climbers and lead out men and domestique’s.  They need each other.  It is a team sport.  But my favourite member on any team is the ‘domestique’.  That’s the guy who grabs food for everyone and rides through the peloton distributing it.  It’s the guy who will stay with you and bring you back into the peloton if you lag behind.  They are the work horses, the indispensables, the servants.  And damn good cyclists at that.

There is also the other reason – hubby loves it.  And I love having a shared interest.  While his love of cycling spills over to actually getting on a bike for 5, 6, 7 hours at a time and mine extends to only watching for 5, 6, 7 hours at a time, it is nice to have something that we love and talk about (besides the girls).

3 responses to “monday’s measured words – it’s all about the lycra

  • scott

    Yes, Must say I like Road racing, and am tempted to join the veterans down the island, yes I qualify.
    Interesting I think bikes could be a Bendigo thing. There were a lot of bike riders down there.

  • wanderingthroughwonderland

    My partner and I were in Aix-en-Provence this summer and were lucky enough see the Mont Ventoux leg of the Tour de France. I’ve got to say, we wouldn’t have made the trip from Canada solely for the purpose of taking in the race but it gave me a whole new appreciation for the sport.

    The lycra wasn’t so bad, either.

    • catjohnstone

      @ Scott – do it! i think cycling is AJ’s saving grace sometimes. (watching does get addictive though too – we are useless during the Tour de France)
      @ wandering – i would have loved to have seen Mont Ventoux in ‘real life’ – but alas, it’s just the tv for me. And yeah – the lycra isn’t a ‘bad’ thing! (love your blog by the way)

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