top 5

I know summer is not quite over yet, but I don’t think any other book I am reading is going to make it into my top 5 for the summer. So here is the top 5 for the Summer of 2009/2010.

Summer Meditations, Vaclav Havel (amazing, insightful, honest and raw – it doesn’t get better than this)

Everything is Illuminated, Jonathon Safran Foer (heartbreakingly beautiful)

Cannery Row, John Steinbeck (Steinbeck at his perceptive best)

Revolutionary Road, Richard Yates (deeply impacting, huge potential to change your life – be warned!)

The Reader, Berhard Schlink (bittersweet)

And in some exciting news…Popular Penguins (which is essentially our Book Clubs’ reading list) is releasing 75 new books in June!  I am eagerly awaiting the release list and have high hopes!  We’ll see what eventuates!


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