frustration (+beauty=?)

Last November I enrolled to do my final subject of my graduate degree (in missions).  I enrolled with great excitement knowing this symbolised the beginning of the end of a long slog of part-time study, most of which I have loved, but honestly, am now quite ready to have finished.  So imagine my intense frustration at finding out that I have already done the class I’ve enrolled in (they changed the name and no one picked up on the fact I had done it under the previous heading) and my only option is to do a basic theology class.  I want/need to finish this semester and am unwilling to drag this thing out any further.  So I am stuck doing a first year class. I have nothing against the class per sea, apart from the fact that the text book could actually have been written by Mickey Mouse (och!) and the point of studying (for me) is to challenge myself and push myself – a basic class won’t do that.  Even the Librarian laughed at me when I told him what text books I needed and told me it was okay, I could catch up on sleep during lectures!

I know this sounds very self-involved and that I am suffering from an extreme superiority complex – I promise you – I’m not.  In the last few years I have been lucky enough to study Urban Missions, Pauline Theology, Creation Care, the History of Mission – all very focused, specific and involved subjects, which is what you want at a Graduate level.  ‘Biblical Studies’ (my new class) is ‘a basic overview of the Old and New Testaments’.   Who knows, maybe getting back to some of the foundational stuff will be good for the soul.  And perhaps it will cause me to push harder and go deeper because that’s what I’m use to.  I think part of my frustration is that I had hoped to finish on a bit of high – doing a big, chunky subject I could really sink my teeth into.  It is going to be an interesting semester!

To balance out my frustration, I have been flipping through this beautiful blog called House of Turquoise,and I feel much better!

(Note to self: in the presence of frustration, taking the time to recognise/acknowledge/value that which is beautiful brings a degree of balance and peace…hmmm).


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