catch up…

Just a little catch up on how life is cruising along…

I am now the official owner of a certificate claiming I passed Italiano 101.  A ‘pass’ was based on your attendance not on your skills in the ‘italiano lingue’, so I think that really I have a certificate that says I attended lots of class and was unable to grasp the most basic of verbal skill.  That being said – I loved it!  It was such a challenge and pushed me in areas that I normally avoid.  I am very glad I did it.  An interesting thing did happen in our last class – we had to read a paragraph in a ‘real’ Italian book and translate it, out loud, to the rest of the class.  While most of the guys in my class were able to read Italian really well and sounded like red-blooded Italiano’s, they were not able to translate into English.  I on the other hand stumbled through the reading and could translate great big chunks of the book without too much bother.  It seems that my ‘written word’ skills translate to any language.  I was awfully surprised and quite happy that I had obviously gained some ability in Italian (and I think my teacher was really pleased because if I hadn’t been able to translate, I would have been quite the failure!).

My Biblical Studies class is cruising along quite nicely.  I am sorry to say that my greatest focus in regards to study is the count down to when I have finished my post-grad (12 weeks).  But I am enjoying the class more than I thought I would and my lecturer is fantastic (so that helps!).  3 assessments down, 4 to go!

So apart from those two things, life just keeps cruising on, sigh… is going well, soul survivor is on this week and I haven’t had time to read any good books at all. 

(picture of Napoli, South Italy)


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