I know it has been very quiet here of late, and I have a very good reason for lying low (details to come), but I felt I should break the mini drought to say – it’s my birthday today!! And while birthday’s don’t really register these days (particularly post kids), the reason I wanted to say ‘it’s my birthday’ is because my AMAZING husband bought me this gorgeous nancybird bag.

I am spoilt beyond reason.


3 responses to “spoilt

  • scott

    Nice bag, now don’t give Christina any ‘bag’ ideas for her birthday…I’ve got it all worked out.
    Happy birthday!

  • Christina

    ha ha ha Scott! I wouldn’t think you would be choosing me bags – not your area of expertise! Lovely bag Cat, and well done to AJ – he has taste! Glad you were spoilt Cat.

  • catjohnstone

    I love that you guys are having this conversation here! and I also like that you think I’m a bad ‘bag’ influence on Christina, Scott!!
    I am sure you will be just as spoilt in a few days Christina. x

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