the end is nigh

Avoidance hasn’t even been the name of the game in regards to study this semester.

In fact, I think plain old ‘over it’ has been.  And it’s not like I’m not enjoying the lectures, it’s just been a long slog. Part time study is hard work.  I wish for the days when I had the time and energy to focus on study. But the end is nigh, and I must choose to focus!

So all that being said, my last essay is on the topic of ‘the covenant’ and tracking the theme of the covenant through the Old and New Testament.  Lovely! (as much as I try to deny it, the fact that I would use the word ‘lovely’ in regards to an essay topic is glaring proof that I’m a nerd!).  I am enjoying the topic, it is chunky and relevant and a lovely reminder of God’s unwavering commitment to humanity.  I have also discovered that NT Wright has some fabulous things to say on the topic, which is making research fascinating and has probably sent the essay in a direction I hadn’t imagined it would go.

This essay is my final piece before I end my Grad Dip, it’s hard to believe it is finally over.  But (baring a fail) in 24 days, it will all be over. Horray for that!

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