I have an exam tomorrow morning.  I am very keen to get it over and done with, even though I would like a few more days to study (study is confined to after the girls go to sleep and when I do, so usually between 7pm – 8pm!).

The exam has a number of components, but one of them is being able to summarise every -yes, every – book in the bible.  There are a lot of books in the bible!! I have actually enjoyed studying for this part of the exam.  It is a useful tool to possess and will come in handy (I hope!).  Getting a bird’s-eye view of the books has been quite fascinating and has breathed new life into some of the books, giving them a new slant I hadn’t seen before.  For example, Deuteronomy – covenant renewal, Ezekiel – God is sovereign, Titus – the proper traits of the church and, Philemon – forgiveness and brotherhood in Christ.

Maybe I should try studying instead of writing this…off I go!

(7 days to go! In case you were wondering!)


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