old and new

It is a little bit hard to comprehend that study is over.  Not just for the semester, but the entire degree.  Well, actually, I am waiting for my final essay mark but if I fail that, I was more over it than I knew, or the uni has gone strange.  It feels pretty good, slightly surreal.  I feel like I’m holidays.  Honestly, I am already looking at further study options but husband is strongly suggesting a break (we are negotiating how long that is…).

So study is over and a new challenge awaits…which leads me on to this…

I know things have been very quiet here of late.  But I have a great excuse.  We are having a baby!! And while that is not a reason to not blog, the unbelievable exhaustion and intense morning sickness is.  This little baby is making very sure that we are aware of its presence.

I am very excited about being pregnant again.  Admittedly it is much harder work 3rd time round, no sitting on the couch watching copious amounts of DVD’s this time!  It’s all swimming lessons and kinder runs and washing/cooking/cleaning as normal.

Baby is due in December and I cannot wait to meet this little treasure.

Hopefully as the nausea and exhaustion ease up a little soon.



3 responses to “old and new

  • scott

    Congratulation on both the study and the baby Cat. You exhaust me…

  • Christina

    You inspire me Cat! Not to have more babies though. Though the teensiest part of me does miss aspects of little babyhood. What study options are you considering Cat? I am too, though maybe not theology. I am thinking a masters of writing! I do hope the nausea and tiredness ease up for you. I imagine it would be harder with two little girls to run after….

  • catjohnstone

    You guys are great. And with everything you do, I don’t know why my little life exhausts you Scott!
    Go for it Christina! sounds great. Monash has some very interesting MA options (with some very possible scholarships) and there is some online stuff which might be a better option at this stage (re being slightly less mobile in the coming months).
    Nausea easing, exhaustion increasing…!

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