I know that is has been very quiet here of late. Mostly due to being ridiculously tired and pre-occupied by lots of other things going on around me/us.  Of note is the end of the Tour De France – I’m sad it’s over for another year but probably needed to be because hubby and I were exhausted (the Tour is shown live 10pm-2am nightly!).  The Saxo Bank boys were extraordinary yet again, Andy Schleck came in second and was just magnificent.  The Vuelta (the tour of Spain) starts in September and the World Championships in Geelong are in late September – so we will not have to go without for long!

Also of note is our darling 3-year-old needing stitches to her top lip after a fall.  It would have been quite ok but when the Dr sedated her (which you have to when you are trying to stitch a 3 year old’s face), she had a reaction to the sedative and there were a few very scary moments when her pulse dropped and she stopped breathing.  Due to our little girl’s history with respiratory problems, this has been a really hard thing to think about and work through.  Her frailty and vulnerability breaks my heart and scares the hell out of me.

And in the midst of all of that, baby is growing beautifully and doing everything he/she is meant to.  Bets are on as to the gender of this bubs, after having two girls most people are convinced number 3 will be a boy.  Who knows?

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