As I may have mentioned here before, our lovely little book club has a fabulous method when choosing our next book.  One person chooses 3 options and then the group votes.  It means we all feel like we are involved and it also means we read a huge range of books.  So far we have read everything from Dracula to Lolita to Cannery Row.

This month it was my turn to pick our three possibilities.  You do feel a bit of pressure in the process – you want to get it right.  But you also know that this is your chance to suggest 3 books you are really keen to delve in to.  So here are my 3 options (I’ll let you know what gets voted in!).

The Lost Estate (Le Grand Meaulnes) – by Henri Alain-Fournier

When Meaulnes first arrives at the local school in Sologne, everyone is captivated
…by his good looks, daring and charisma. But when Meaulnes disappears for
several days, and returns with tales of a strange party at a mysterious house
and a beautiful girl hidden within it, he has been changed forever. In his
restless search for his Lost Estate and the happiness he found there, Meaulnes,
observed by his loyal friend Francois, may risk losing everything he ever had.

We Have Always Lived In The Castle – by Shirley Jackson
Living in the Blackwood family home with only her sister Constance and her Uncle Julian
for company, Merricat just wants to preserve their delicate way of life. But
…ever since Constance was acquitted of murdering the rest of the family, the
world isn’t leaving the Blackwoods alone. And when Cousin Charles arrives,
armed with overtures of friendship and a desperate need to get into the safe,
Merricat must do everything in her power to protect the remaining family.

One Day In The Life of Ivan Denisovich, by Aleksandr SolzhenitsynThis brutal glimpse of Russia under Stalin shocked the world when it first appeared.
Discover the importance of a piece of bread or an extra bowl of soup, the
…incredible luxury of a book, the ingenious possibilities of a nail, a piece of
string or a single match in a time where survival is all. Enter a world of
incarceration– and participate in the struggle of men to survive both the
terrible rigours of nature and the inhumanity of the system that defines their
conditions of life.

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