I think heels (as in – high heels) are one of the most ridiculous and illogical creations of all time.  Why women wear them is beyond me.  I am a flat shoe girl and at the ripe old age of 33, I don’t think that is going to change now.  So all this leads me to say that I bought a pair of TOMS recently.  They haven’t arrived yet so I can’t comment on the comfort/practical element yet, but what I can say is that I am happy to have spent money on them and not on cheap Chinese made ones from the local shopping centre.  The basic idea behind TOMS is that for every pair they sell, they give a pair of shoes to a child in need.  And while I am not typically big on out sourcing my sense of justice, if simply by buying a pair of shoes I can know that the company I am buying from has great sense of their responsibility to the environment and humanity – then it makes it worth my while.

I’ll let you know how they are when they arrive!


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