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12 days

I have decided to re-write the ’12 days of Christmas’ carol.  It is harder than you think!  Particularly as I am trying to make it relevant to us.  I am planning to make it as a part of my Christmas decorations this year.  So far ‘bottles of bubbly’, ‘gorgeous girls’, and a ‘twinkling tree’ have been mentioned.  If you have any ideas, let me know, I’d be really appreciative!

Here are the original words as a bit of a reminder:

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Twelve drummers drumming,
Eleven pipers piping,
Ten lords a-leaping,
Nine ladies dancing,
Eight maids a-milking,
Seven swans a-swimming,
Six geese a-laying,
Five golden rings,
Four calling birds,
Three French hens,
Two turtle doves,
And a partridge in a pear tree!

sweeter, better

If I could, I would listen to my 3-year-old sing forever, it is the sweetest noise in the world.

If I could, I would watch my 4-year-old dance all day, every day.  She is hilarious.


These little girls have no idea how they make my heart sing, my world better, my life sweeter.



I mentioned here recently that there are lots of changes ‘afoot’ in our house at the moment.  Some obvious (a new bubs, a new car), some not so obvious until – hello! – big change.  The first and the most important is that hubby resigned this week.  Yep, it was time for a change.  Hubby works in/with Child Protection and as a rule, people in child protection jobs last about 18 months before they leave – usually on stress leave.  This was not his situation.  Hubby has worked in this system for over 5 years and loves the work and the clients.  The sad reality is that unless you have a supportive and respectful team around you (no matter what you do), you can’t actually do your job.  So he is leaving.

And before I launch into ‘what’s next’, let me tell you a little something about my husband…

He is uniquely gifted for this kind of work.  He has an amazing ability to be empathetic and practical at the same time.  He gets on with the job without getting caught in the tragedy of it.  He is realistic without losing hope.  He can separate off from the emotion of the job and not bring it home with him.  He is a superb example of grace and truth.

And before I launch into ‘what’s next’, let me tell you a little something about me…

I am ridiculously proud of my husband.  He has persevered in a context which has been soul-destroying – he has shown faithfulness and loyalty beyond the call of duty.  I am constantly impressed by the man he is.  Despite the hopelessness and pain he is exposed to on daily basis, he comes home every night and chooses to love and serve his family – and I am eternally grateful to him for that.

So, what next?  Well he hadn’t even officially resigned before he had been offered another position!  News gets around quickly!  He is moving out of management and out of child protection into another area of welfare and he is really excited about it.

I asked him if he was worried about contending with two significant life-altering events (new job and new baby) happening within weeks of each other, his response was a confused look and him saying, ‘Neither of those things are stressful to me’.  That’s just the type of guy he is!! x


Much to the annoyance of my family – I have finished my Christmas shopping.

But lets remember that this seemingly ridiculous demonstration of organisation is purely out of necessity.  Bubs is due late November/early December, and is likely to arrive via a caesarean section – which means no driving for 6 weeks.  I had to get it done now.

And to be totally honest – I love Christmas present shopping. I love writing lists and ticking them off as each present is purchased.  I love wrapping presents and I love giving them.

So without giving too much away, here is a little sneak peek into my secret present hiding place.

From Printspace.  This gorgeous little print called ‘Birdstack’.

This fun print from the KeepCalm shop.  Too much fun for our house (shhh…don’t tell hubby!)

No more cling wrap in our girls’ lunch boxes! It is going to be all fun reusable bags for us (from SnakSaks).


And books (the best presents of all!) from The Book Depository.

magnolia square

I have seen this market advertised before, but this is the first time I was able to get along to it – and I am so glad I did.  There is something about being surrounded by greatly talented and enthusiastic people that is inspiring and joyful.  I didn’t buy much – a couple of Christmas presents and some yummy treats.  But the atmosphere was lovely and people were happy to be there, whether selling or buying.

If you around this weekend and are looking for something to do – check it out.






Things that are currently unwelcome in the house:

1) Clinkers

2) Jif and all other cleaning equipment (including the vacuum cleaner attachment that allows me to vacuum the ceiling)

3) Etsy and my credit card

4) Negativity (don’t come over here with that attitude!)

5) Anything to do with doping in cycling (hubby’s gasket is about to blow…!)

Things that are currently welcome in the house:

1) My latest Book Depository order

2) My daily ration of caffeine (one weak ‘real’ coffee)

3) Ranunculus’

4) Ice packs (don’t ask)

5) Angus and Julia Stone

6) Little girls who are convinced we are having a girl called Strawberry

7) The Sopranos (or maybe it should be in the ‘remove’ list? I am getting slightly obsessed…)

8 ) And the following blogs that I am loving at the moment: Emerging Mummy, Gourmet Worrier, tales of a jUnkaholic, and

precious life

With a great deal of sensitivity and grace I will try to explain my friend’s position.

She is a wonderful mum. In fact, between her and my best mate, they have taught me the most about being a mum.  She is honest, generous and kind.  And she is an honest, generous and kind mum.  She has three beautiful boys who are energetic and cheeky.  She is healthy and has great support from her friends and family.  Recently she chose to attempt a procedure which is designed to ensure a gender specific pregnancy.  I was surprised.  I was concerned, for her health and her family.  And whether I agree or not is totally irrelevant.

This procedure is done off shore.  She returned recently – pregnant.  And I was happy for her.

Today, she lost that baby.  I am heartbroken for her.  Whether I (you) agree or not, it is heartbreaking.  The drive in her for this baby was so great she sacrificed finances, reputation, time, energy, and potentially her health.  And whether I (you) agree or not, a baby was conceived.

There was so much emphasis (not by her) on the peripheral’s of this pregnancy. But to her and to those closest to her it was all about the end result – a precious little life.  Right now I couldn’t care less about the how or the why.  And neither should anyone else.

All my love goes out to her and her family.  There is not much else I can say.