precious life

With a great deal of sensitivity and grace I will try to explain my friend’s position.

She is a wonderful mum. In fact, between her and my best mate, they have taught me the most about being a mum.  She is honest, generous and kind.  And she is an honest, generous and kind mum.  She has three beautiful boys who are energetic and cheeky.  She is healthy and has great support from her friends and family.  Recently she chose to attempt a procedure which is designed to ensure a gender specific pregnancy.  I was surprised.  I was concerned, for her health and her family.  And whether I agree or not is totally irrelevant.

This procedure is done off shore.  She returned recently – pregnant.  And I was happy for her.

Today, she lost that baby.  I am heartbroken for her.  Whether I (you) agree or not, it is heartbreaking.  The drive in her for this baby was so great she sacrificed finances, reputation, time, energy, and potentially her health.  And whether I (you) agree or not, a baby was conceived.

There was so much emphasis (not by her) on the peripheral’s of this pregnancy. But to her and to those closest to her it was all about the end result – a precious little life.  Right now I couldn’t care less about the how or the why.  And neither should anyone else.

All my love goes out to her and her family.  There is not much else I can say.

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