Things that are currently unwelcome in the house:

1) Clinkers

2) Jif and all other cleaning equipment (including the vacuum cleaner attachment that allows me to vacuum the ceiling)

3) Etsy and my credit card

4) Negativity (don’t come over here with that attitude!)

5) Anything to do with doping in cycling (hubby’s gasket is about to blow…!)

Things that are currently welcome in the house:

1) My latest Book Depository order

2) My daily ration of caffeine (one weak ‘real’ coffee)

3) Ranunculus’

4) Ice packs (don’t ask)

5) Angus and Julia Stone

6) Little girls who are convinced we are having a girl called Strawberry

7) The Sopranos (or maybe it should be in the ‘remove’ list? I am getting slightly obsessed…)

8 ) And the following blogs that I am loving at the moment: Emerging Mummy, Gourmet Worrier, tales of a jUnkaholic, and our.city.lights.

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