Much to the annoyance of my family – I have finished my Christmas shopping.

But lets remember that this seemingly ridiculous demonstration of organisation is purely out of necessity.  Bubs is due late November/early December, and is likely to arrive via a caesarean section – which means no driving for 6 weeks.  I had to get it done now.

And to be totally honest – I love Christmas present shopping. I love writing lists and ticking them off as each present is purchased.  I love wrapping presents and I love giving them.

So without giving too much away, here is a little sneak peek into my secret present hiding place.

From Printspace.  This gorgeous little print called ‘Birdstack’.

This fun print from the KeepCalm shop.  Too much fun for our house (shhh…don’t tell hubby!)

No more cling wrap in our girls’ lunch boxes! It is going to be all fun reusable bags for us (from SnakSaks).


And books (the best presents of all!) from The Book Depository.

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