I mentioned here recently that there are lots of changes ‘afoot’ in our house at the moment.  Some obvious (a new bubs, a new car), some not so obvious until – hello! – big change.  The first and the most important is that hubby resigned this week.  Yep, it was time for a change.  Hubby works in/with Child Protection and as a rule, people in child protection jobs last about 18 months before they leave – usually on stress leave.  This was not his situation.  Hubby has worked in this system for over 5 years and loves the work and the clients.  The sad reality is that unless you have a supportive and respectful team around you (no matter what you do), you can’t actually do your job.  So he is leaving.

And before I launch into ‘what’s next’, let me tell you a little something about my husband…

He is uniquely gifted for this kind of work.  He has an amazing ability to be empathetic and practical at the same time.  He gets on with the job without getting caught in the tragedy of it.  He is realistic without losing hope.  He can separate off from the emotion of the job and not bring it home with him.  He is a superb example of grace and truth.

And before I launch into ‘what’s next’, let me tell you a little something about me…

I am ridiculously proud of my husband.  He has persevered in a context which has been soul-destroying – he has shown faithfulness and loyalty beyond the call of duty.  I am constantly impressed by the man he is.  Despite the hopelessness and pain he is exposed to on daily basis, he comes home every night and chooses to love and serve his family – and I am eternally grateful to him for that.

So, what next?  Well he hadn’t even officially resigned before he had been offered another position!  News gets around quickly!  He is moving out of management and out of child protection into another area of welfare and he is really excited about it.

I asked him if he was worried about contending with two significant life-altering events (new job and new baby) happening within weeks of each other, his response was a confused look and him saying, ‘Neither of those things are stressful to me’.  That’s just the type of guy he is!! x

2 responses to “changes

  • Christina

    That’s great news! It is very hard work to do, and he has done brilliantly to stay in it as long as he has. I am coming towards the end of my work in that field too. Though a new venture means retraining for me. What area of welfare is he venturing into next? Such a great indication of his work that he is headhunted before he actually resigned!

  • catjohnstone

    Thanks Christina – it surely is great news!! He is going to work in adult services (specifically homelessness) for a while and then reassess. It is a great move for him (and us). What are your plans – what are you thinking re work/training? x

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