One of my earliest memories is of my brother, sister and I stealing our grandma’s slippers and heading off around the corner of our house to the sloping nature strip, picking up the cricket stumps on the way: then proceeding to ‘ski’ down the nature strip in our slippery slippers, powered by our stump ski poles!    We spent hours ‘skiing’ and giggling, marveling at our brilliant initiative.

Why is this important?

Firstly, because it is about family.  My brother and sister represent everything that is good about family – loyalty, fun, love, grace and truth.  They are the people I look to for support, comfort and when I need to laugh.  They are the people  I want my girls to grow up admiring, trusting and adoring.

Secondly, it is about doing something new; about stepping outside the box and having fun while doing it. Something which I am not good at these days.  I like safe and definite, I like the box and I like the predictable.

And thirdly, it’s my earliest memory.

That is who I am (partly).  I am about family, I am about trying to know who I am and what I am and do it better, and I am my memories.



2 responses to “introduction

  • scott

    Interesting post Cat. Mmm memory’s they are so nice to share aren’t they, especially with those who you have known the longest such as the family.

    Congratulations on your new family member. Another memory

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