book snob

I just had a massive book snob moment and felt the need to share/confess.

On a blog that I normally enjoy and regularly read, the following statement was made, ‘I am not ashamed that Harry Potter & Edward Cullen are lovingly placed next to Gone With The Wind & Great Expectations on my bookshelf‘.

[deep breath]

Ok, so I don’t expect that everyone is going to like the same books as me, I don’t even expect people to always like the ‘classics’ , old and new, …but really? Twilight and Great Expectations in the same class?  Lovingly placed? Harry Potter I don’t have such an issue with, because when it comes down to it, JK Rowling is a good writer.  But Twilight?  Not only does the storyline teeter on the edge of ridiculousness (have you read the last book?!), it is so very badly written.  I don’t mind a bit of ‘easy reading’, as long as it is well written.   All power to you if you can, in all good conscience, group Meyer with Dickens.  I just don’t think I can.  And perhaps I am over stating it, but I think that the brilliance of the great writers should be respected and acknowledged.  They deserve to be honoured, as do their words.

And so really this begs the question, ‘well, what have you been reading lately if you are such a book doyen?’ [note the self pointed sarcasm]

I have recently read How the Light Gets In by M. J. Hyland. I am reserving comment till after our Book Club discussion of it.

And I am reading Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel (which was the 2009 Man Booker Prize winner).  Although, 100 pages in and I’m not so excited about it. We’ll see how it goes.


And next on the list is Freedom by Jonathan Franzen which has been touted as the ‘best book ever written’!!!  Big claim! I am fascinated to read this one.  I will absolutely keep you updated.


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