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break away

break away

yes please


My friend Nay and I had the amazing opportunity a few years back to spend a week in France together.  What joy!  Not only France, but France with a dear friend.  We did lots of the lovely cliché’ things – crepes, climbing the Eiffel Tower (of which will forever be remembered for the conversation we had, not the view), baguette’s and cheese.  But one of the most memorable moments was at Château de Chenonceau, a spectacular château in the Loire Valley.  The château has two gardens: Catherine’s, Henry II wife,  and Diane’s, Henry II mistress.  They are both beautiful, but remarkably different.  Catherine’s being more intimate and detailed, Diane’s, while no less structured, it is louder and bolder.  The general rule is that you tend to gravitate to one more than the other.  Which one do you like?

Catherine’s Garden

Diane’s Garden

And for a little giveaway fun, head on over to the Friendly Sparrow and maybe, just maybe, you will walk away with one of her gorgeous pin wheel badges, tea-cup candles or her famous flan!!

french bliss

Last night I got my French on at the Alliance Francaise Film Festival,  and tonight, I’m doing it all again.

Could this be the perfect weekend?

around the corner

Easter is just around the corner, and it is a big deal in our house.  We are not really into easter eggs, but we are really into family time, easter parades and afternoons snuggled up on the couch watching movies (pop corn and hot chocolate included). Because we are not into easter eggs I try to find other treasures to give the girls.  This year, something along theses lines I think…


milk and cookies

marley and lockyer


I will be spending some fairly serious time searching for the ‘perfect’ easter present (and birthday presents and wedding present and just had a baby present and because I can present) tomorrow at the Finders Keepers market. I’m quite excited about strolling around sans children and discovering some treasures for my nearest and dearest.

And yay for lovely husbands who happily take over all house and child minding duties so their wives can go and wander around markets by themselves.  x


peach patrol delight

oh delight!!

Each year we let the girls choose buttons and badges to put on their winter coats.  This year the girls wanted badges from the lovely Fruzsi at her gorgeous little etsy shop peachpatrol designs. The illustrations (turned badges) are so unique and sweet, and the girls immediately knew which badge they wanted.  Not only are the badges lovely, but they arrived beautifully wrapped like little presents, which added to the girls excitement.

They went straight on what they were wearing – they didn’t even make it on to their winter coats! Too cute!

Check out Fruzsi lovely blog, just peachy, and etsy store – they are worth a visit.


mint tea

I was wandering around the amazing Eat Boutique blog this afternoon and stumbled across a post which began with the question, ‘Have you ever had sweet mint tea in a just-blossoming garden filled with bright blue furniture and bright-eyed strangers, all of you just waiting for the minutes to tick, tock, tick, tock away?’

Well, seen you asked, yes I have.

In the Kasbah des Oudaias in Rabat, Morocco.  Quite a few years ago now, A and I had the opportunity to spend some time in Morocco.  It was just after we had left Betel in Italy and Spain and we needed some time to think and to process what we had been apart of.

We needed a holiday.

We stayed just outside of Rabat and travelled into Rabat almost everyday, shopping in the markets, strolling around this strange mix of a city – French colonised, ancient, Islamic, struggling to be modern city.  But very beautiful.

We discovered this little treasure of a cafe on one of our fist visit into the Kasbah and frequented it often.  Mint tea, bright blue tiles, the smell of the sea and time.  Time to sit and think, time to talk, time to dream.

vintage bike

Part of hubby’s (from here on in to be known as ‘A’) bike mechanic course requires him to build or restore a bike, which has led me to spend an inordinate amount of time looking at vintage bikes. There are three important elements to choosing the most delightful of vintage bikes: colour, cane basket and white rim wheels.  Or course A has other ideas, they being more technical and quite frankly, boring.

Vintage Bicycles by Papillionaire