Recently hubby bought a new bike – or as he likes to call it, ‘his other wife’.  I hate to say it, but it is lovely.  It is a Lynskey Cooper and looks a little like this one below.  Hubby’s has been custom-made to fit and suit him, including the wheels that he built himself (clever boy!).

I never thought that I would say that a bike was ‘lovely’, so in an attempt at balance, here are some more typically lovely things (in my opinion!).

We were talking about The Alchemist at bookclub the other night and I was stunned, yes, stunned, that only one other person had read it (and they were not particularly impressed with it).  I love this book.  It is good for my soul. It breathes life.  It is lovely.

I would like to have a drink in this bar. Maybe a Campari or a glass of Merlot (to be truthful, I’d be happy with a glass of water, just as long as I got to sit here).

These coffee makers are so rustic and simple.  Good coffee should be simple and easy to access.  We have turned it into such a pretentious pursuit.  I would love to have coffee made with one of these gorgeous coffeemakers.

I want to gather my dearest around me and share dinner together off this!! How fabulous it is!  Imagine putting this amazing plate laden with goodies into the middle of the table. Love it!


4 responses to “lovely

  • scott

    Ahh I’ve been drooling over bikes lately. This looks nice. The Alchamist yes this was one book that has the potential to change you. Fantastic.

    • catjohnstone

      AJ spends most of his spare time drooling over bikes! Did you know he is doing a bike mechanics course? If you ever need ‘bike advice’ he’s a keen bean to talk. Love that you love The Alchemist.

  • Bec

    I will have a G&T with you in THAT bar.

    I would like to lend the Alchemist.

    But I disagree about the coffee, they might be cute but I still think good espresso would taste better.

    • catjohnstone

      Let’s do it -G&T’s in Paris!! Alchemist coming your way. And I think I have gotten a little ‘anti-coffee machine’ of late. I love our caffettiera and I love the idea of a simple way to make good coffee. I won’t say no to good expresso though! – as long as I don’t have to go near a machine!

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