My friend Nay and I had the amazing opportunity a few years back to spend a week in France together.  What joy!  Not only France, but France with a dear friend.  We did lots of the lovely cliché’ things – crepes, climbing the Eiffel Tower (of which will forever be remembered for the conversation we had, not the view), baguette’s and cheese.  But one of the most memorable moments was at Château de Chenonceau, a spectacular château in the Loire Valley.  The château has two gardens: Catherine’s, Henry II wife,  and Diane’s, Henry II mistress.  They are both beautiful, but remarkably different.  Catherine’s being more intimate and detailed, Diane’s, while no less structured, it is louder and bolder.  The general rule is that you tend to gravitate to one more than the other.  Which one do you like?

Catherine’s Garden

Diane’s Garden

And for a little giveaway fun, head on over to the Friendly Sparrow and maybe, just maybe, you will walk away with one of her gorgeous pin wheel badges, tea-cup candles or her famous flan!!

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