crazy days

What a crazy few days.  A little like a rollercoaster and a lot like hard work.

So here are few things that have made me smile, late into the night, when I am awake when I should be asleep, when I am thinking when I should be resting.


Yes we do  (from here).

tiny white daisies

This afternoon’s project, from here.

From the fabulous site, ‘book lovers never go to bed alone

Wray Castle. We used to row a boat from where we lived on the other side of Lake Windermere over to the castle and have a picnic on the grass.    Those picnics were usually followed by a pint at our local with friends which rolled into dinner and more pints before a stroll around the village before heading home.


Oh, and something else that makes me smile is knowing that we are going to one of my favourite places for dinner tonight – Pizza Espresso.  Pear, gorgonzola and speck pizza for me tonight! Yay.


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