world figolli day

As I have gotten older I have thought much about the events and activities that defined my childhood and my idea of family.  Birthday’s were always marked by a cake of our choice from the classic Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book, Christmas with the extended family involved opening presents in chronological order of youngest to oldest, and Easter always, always, involved the Bendigo Easter Procession with the spectacular Sun Loong Chinese dragon.  There was safety to be found in the knowing of what was going to happen and there was boldness in the owning of a tradition.  I knew what to expect and when to expect it.

Some of those traditions have stayed staunchly the same, some have been discarded and some have evolved into something which better expresses who I am today.

Since the girls have come along we have searched for new and significant ways to mark events and moments.  Or in some cases, we have held tight to the tradition that marked our own childhoods.

This Easter I have decided to introduce a new tradition into our household.  I am going to get in touch with my inner Maltese, which, quite frankly, does not exist, but I’m going to give this a try anyway, and participate in a Maltese Easter tradition – the making of figolli.  Gourmet Worrier, whose blog is inspiring and delightful in equal measures, has launched World Figolli Day, and I am jumping on that bandwagon.  Figolli are iced biscuit sandwiched together with a mixture of sweet ground almond and orange blossom water, made into various shapes.  Often the shapes are symbolic, being ancient symbols of fertility or traditional Easter eggs or rabbits.  As the lovely Gourmet Worrier says herself, ‘The idea behind World Figolli Day is that you turn off the television and get off the couch and head into the kitchen with your kids, nieces and nephews and have a bonding session with some dough and royal icing and hopefully pass on a few Maltese culinary traditions whilst your at it’. Perfect!

I want to attempt to make figolli that is symbolic to our little family, which could be a bicycle, a book, a baby or a horde of  little girl shaped biscuits!  I’ll let the girls decide and keep you updated with photos.

So get on board – go check out Gourmet Worrier and sign up.  Here is the recipe that I am going to use and here is some inspiration.

(image from here)




8 responses to “world figolli day

  • Christina Aitken

    Oh Cat, you have such beautiful ideas. Might have to give those biscuits a go with my girls – I think they would love making them!

    • catjohnstone

      Oh do it Christina and then send me photos! Your girls would make amazing creations.

      • Christina Aitken

        Are you going to make them on Good Friday – I rather like the idea, though I feel the need for a test run first. I made glittery pink playdough with them today, and will paint eggs tomorrow. Getting into the making thing with them. Messy but joyful.

  • catjohnstone

    We are doing a practice this week and then aiming for Good Friday. Glitterly playdough! How cool.
    Yeah, it’s lovely to be doing these projects with the girls isn’t it, they so enjoy it.

  • Christina Aitken

    Cat, have you had a chance to make the biscuits yet? I am thinking of getting the ingredients tomorrow and trialling it in the afternoon… It seems like a lot of ingredients for six biscuits!

  • catjohnstone

    Did you do it? How did it go? This weekend we plan to give it a go. Keen to hear how you went.

  • catjohnstone

    Hey Christina, we did a trial half batch over the weeked and it was good. They taste amazing and we worked out the reason they have to be so big is that you can get all the filling in and be able to pinch the sides together without it all falling apart. Let me know how you go!

  • Nanette

    Hi Cat I’m so glad you’ve decided to get in touch with your inner Maltese side, figolli sure is an easy fun place to start!

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