things I wish someone had told me – about babies

A friend of mine is having her first bubba in a few months.  Hooray! And like most expectant mums she has spent countless hours trawling the internet for all the ‘essential’ knowledge for this momentous occasion.  However, when she rang for a chat the other day she was obviously frustrated by, firstly, the enormity of the information available, there is an overwhelming amount, and secondly, by the niggling feeling that most of the  info was irrelevant anyway.  So she asked me to compile a list of things I wish someone had told me before I had had my girls.  Here is what I came up with, I’m sure there is more, but this was what popped into my head first. Hope it helps K!

The most expensive nappy is not necessarily the best nappy (and if I dare, cloth nappy’s are awesome and not difficult – give them a go).

If someone offers to cook you dinner or bring you food – say yes.  If someone offers to help – call them.

Sleep when bubba sleeps.

It is ok to say no to visitors – especially in the hospital. Really it is ok, say no.

Mother’s instinct is real. Trust your gut.

Babies cry – a lot. Don’t freak out. Deep breaths.

Talk to someone other than your partner about how you are.

Find someone to tell your birth story too – in graphic, minute detail. Trust me – it’s therapeutic and you’ll want to.  Blame the hormones if you must.

You are not neurotic, pathetic, anal, or silly, and if any professional treats you as such – walk away.

Talk as loud and as long as you like about how cute your bubba is – because it’s true.


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