Today I graduate. Today ends a massive chapter of my life. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have studied and to A for making it work for our family.  I wasn’t going to officially graduate (ie. robe up and go to the ceremony) but A convinced me to do it.  He said it was important to celebrate and to acknowledge.  I appreciate his sense of occassion, even if I don’t feel it to be necessary.  But I do want my girls to see me graduate.  I want them to know I accomplished something, that I value study and education and that they were a part of that.

As I write this PlaySchool is on in the background, bubba is sleeping in her rocker and my 3 year old who has been sick and miserable all week is snuggled on the couch drawing.   I just organised for my dear friend to come have tea and crossiants.  I am attempting to read Dante’s Inferno for Book Club.  World Figolli Day is just round the corner.  And life is good.   So this chapter goes on, and it is sweet, and I am glad.

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