coffee & tea

I am a coffee drinker: always have been and probably always will be.  However some of my nearest and dearest’s are big tea drinkers so I am on a quest to find a tea that I like and would be happy to replace with coffee (sometimes!).  My sweet friend gave me a tea sampler from T2 for my birthday, full of interesting tea’s that I have never heard of (fermented tea??),  which is helping me narrow down the possibilities.  So far Melbourne Breakfast is winning. It is delicious. Any others you think I should try?



8 responses to “coffee & tea

  • Amanda

    Also delicious:
    French Earl Grey
    Monk Pear
    But Melbourne Breakfast is the winner for sure.

  • Geoff

    Melbourne Breakfast is Bec’s favourite. It’s pretty good. My favourite would still have to be an Early Grey, but I realise there’s little chance you’ve not tried one.

  • Bec

    uh. Melbourne Breakfast does win. That’s as good as it gets.

  • catjohnstone

    thanks guys!! glad i’m on the money and not drinking something that was generally considered below par!
    Amanda – in monk pear green or black? sounds amazing.

  • Amanda

    It’s black, and just a hint of fruity deliciousness… I’ve tried a Jasmine green with pear (not T2) and that was a nice delicate green tea – quite nice. Madame Flavour I think.

  • catjohnstone

    hmmm – monk pear might need to be tasted. thanks Amanda!

  • Nina

    I have a few gren teas that I like. I’m not a sweet tea drinker so these are not sweet…Honey green almond and lemongrass. I also like melbourne breakfast… I got a iced tea jug for my birthday with turkish apple to try but I’m going to wait for warmer weather!

  • catjohnstone

    honey green almond and lemon grass sounds very exotic! you like good black coffee Nina so I reckon we might have similar tea tastes too. Is the Turkish apple the granulated stuff? thats what they really drink in Turkey and it is amazing. Try it hot, it’s good.

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