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Soon 4 will become 5…

13 days and counting…


sweeter, better

If I could, I would listen to my 3-year-old sing forever, it is the sweetest noise in the world.

If I could, I would watch my 4-year-old dance all day, every day.  She is hilarious.


These little girls have no idea how they make my heart sing, my world better, my life sweeter.



I mentioned here recently that there are lots of changes ‘afoot’ in our house at the moment.  Some obvious (a new bubs, a new car), some not so obvious until – hello! – big change.  The first and the most important is that hubby resigned this week.  Yep, it was time for a change.  Hubby works in/with Child Protection and as a rule, people in child protection jobs last about 18 months before they leave – usually on stress leave.  This was not his situation.  Hubby has worked in this system for over 5 years and loves the work and the clients.  The sad reality is that unless you have a supportive and respectful team around you (no matter what you do), you can’t actually do your job.  So he is leaving.

And before I launch into ‘what’s next’, let me tell you a little something about my husband…

He is uniquely gifted for this kind of work.  He has an amazing ability to be empathetic and practical at the same time.  He gets on with the job without getting caught in the tragedy of it.  He is realistic without losing hope.  He can separate off from the emotion of the job and not bring it home with him.  He is a superb example of grace and truth.

And before I launch into ‘what’s next’, let me tell you a little something about me…

I am ridiculously proud of my husband.  He has persevered in a context which has been soul-destroying – he has shown faithfulness and loyalty beyond the call of duty.  I am constantly impressed by the man he is.  Despite the hopelessness and pain he is exposed to on daily basis, he comes home every night and chooses to love and serve his family – and I am eternally grateful to him for that.

So, what next?  Well he hadn’t even officially resigned before he had been offered another position!  News gets around quickly!  He is moving out of management and out of child protection into another area of welfare and he is really excited about it.

I asked him if he was worried about contending with two significant life-altering events (new job and new baby) happening within weeks of each other, his response was a confused look and him saying, ‘Neither of those things are stressful to me’.  That’s just the type of guy he is!! x

happy weekend

My family does not do things in half.  Last weekend my little sister got married, and my brother and his partner gave birth to a gorgeous little girl.  All within 10 hours of each other!  My sister and her lovely husband were married in Sydney, which is a long way from country Victoria where my bro lives…so needless to say,  my bro and his family were not able to make it to the wedding (very sad), but had a baby on their bedroom floor instead!!

I know I am ridiculously biased…but, my sister’s wedding was one of the best I have ever been too.  It was so ‘them’. A combination of beautiful outdoor setting, Dr Seuss, great food, all night dancing and a spectacular couple, made it perfect.

It was an amazing weekend for our little family.  I was so proud of my sister and my brother (and their respective partners!).  But more than that, I felt incredibly privileged to be part of their lives at such important moments.

Such good things for such good people – love you L & J, A, E & J. xx

van gogh vs. barbie

I have had few awkward moments at Kinder drop off and pick up lately regarding what toys the girls are in to.  A number of other mum’s have been asking me if the girls are into Polly Pockets, some Pet toy (can’t even remember the name of it) or the ubiquitous Barbie.  I have had to say no, the girls don’t play with any of the above.  But not because we have been militantly deliberate about what they are not allowed to play with.  It mostly has to do with what I can put up with and what is not going to do my head in!  There are some things we have avoided, Barbie is one of them, and anything with an excess of pink is another. But really it has been more about consciously exposing them to other options – ‘my’ music (the girls know David Grey’s ‘Draw the Line’ and Mumford and Sons ‘Sigh No More’ off by heart), galleries, the museum (the Melbourne Museum is amazing for kids, we go regularly), farms and farmers markets.

And it stands to reason doesn’t it?  Wouldn’t you rather listen to ‘The Sundays’ than nursery rhymes? Go to the Museum rather than Maccas?

At Kinder a couple of weeks ago, our girl was ‘star of the week’, which means that she got to do all the speical jobs that week, go first at activities and bring in some special toys and treats from home.  One of her special toys was a cube which flipped in on its self and had a different Van Gogh painting on each side.  It is a very clever and fun ‘toy’.  She stood up in front of everyone and showed her class the cube, explaining that Van Gogh was a painter and these were his pictures.  I was shocked and excited.  We had always wanted our girls to grow up aware of bigger things and ideas, not for knowledge’s sake, but so that they knew what was out there and what they could achieve (if Van Gogh can do it, why can’t one of my girls?).

However, I have also noticed that our eldest is sometimes the only one not to be privlege to certain information regarding the latest toy/show/character, and that has put her on the outside of conversations and playing opportunities (at Kinder).  It’s hard to be ‘Harmony the Fairy’ when you have no idea who or what that is.  Is it a price I’m willing to pay?  I think so.  She certinaly knows who Big Ted and Dora are, but she also knows who Van Gogh and Bono are too.  Ultimately I think that the girls will not feel the loss of pink and fairy’s in their lives, but perhaps they will feel better equipped for life with a knowledge of the world outside of ‘plastic, kid land’.  I think so.  I hope so.


When I was pregnant with the girls I had moments of urgent need to clean and move furniture, which is commonly referred to as ‘nesting’.  Wikipedia explains it as such:

[The] Nesting instinct refers to an instinct or urge in pregnant animals to prepare a home for the upcoming newborn(s). It is found in a variety of animals (both mammals and birds) including humans.  In human females, the nesting instinct often occurs around the fifth month of pregnancy, but can occur as late as the eighth, or not at all. It may be strongest just before the onset of labor.  It is commonly characterized by a strong urge to clean and organize one’s home, and is one reason why couples who are expecting a baby often reorganize, arrange, and clean the house and surroundings.

This time round my ‘nesting instinct’ is on steroids (metaphorically).  So far, this week (and note we are only up to Wednesday), I have vacuumed the ceiling, had a complete meltdown regarding the chest of drawers in our room and removed everything out of it, shoved the drawers into the corridor and demanded a new one, sorted out all the baby clothes and paraphernalia we have stored over the years (6 boxes worth), washed the curtains, cleaned out half the pantry and written a list of everything else that I need to do.  I (and hubby) are hoping that this little burst of ‘necessary’ cleaning will depart as quickly as it arrived.  But I’m not so sure it will – I’ve seen my ‘to do’ list!!

While there are some obviously really useful and practical positive’s to this burst of nesting, there is also the reality of exhaustion hitting, and hitting hard, at the end (sometimes in the middle of!) each little project and the effect it is all having on my dodgy pelvis (which is a whole other story).  I have to learn to moderate.  Hubby left for work this morning after a very stern speech informing me of my greater responsibilities and being careful not to tire myself out – and he is right.

Perhaps because the instinct to nest is so strong this time round, I am also acutely aware of how innate and almost primal it is.  In the middle of my ‘chest of drawers meltdown’ I was very aware that somewhere in my head I had made a connection between the chest of drawers and making the house clean and safe for the arrival of bubs.  And while the connection may not be obvious, the absolute necessity to make the house ‘bubs appropriate’ is tainting everything I do and is very obvious to me.

I love that part of how we are created includes an inbuilt trigger to make our environment safe for a newborn – it is quite extraordinary.  Normally I couldn’t care less about dust on the ceiling, but at the moment all I can think about is removing all dust from bubs soon to be environment!!  It is an extension of being a mum – and I like it.


We have been away for the last week, having a much needed holiday on the NSW south coast.  We stayed in a gorgeous spot overlooking the beach, had BBQ’s for tea every night, ate breakfast on the balcony and drank lots of cups of tea while reading.  The girls were sick the whole time we were away (still are) so they were happy to chill out drawing and reading most of the time too.  And we were also lucky enough to see whales hanging out in the bay, playing and splashing – they were really very amazing.  Hubby desperately needed a holiday so he spent lots of time on the bike (lucky him!).  I find it hard to prioritize going away like that, luckily hubby believes that it is essential and will make it happen regularly.  Even if it’s just clearing the weekend so we have a couple of days together as a family without the craziness of work, kinder runs, kids party’s etc. etc.

While we were away we went to a community market which consisted of a lot of second-hand books and gorgeous local fresh produce. I managed to pick up this little treasure.  I am very excited about this.  It is a (vintage) Magdalena tin.  Magdalena’s are a typical Spanish cake that you eat, dunked in your coffee, for breakfast.  We ate this every morning at our local coffee bar in Madrid.  They are delish and decadent. So this afternoon the girls and I are baking!