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one handed

One of the things you learn when you have a baby is just how many things you can do one-handed.  And I have recently learnt the art of breast-feeding and browsing Etsy (usually at 4am).  So here a couple of treasures that have caught my eye of late.

George Washington Art Pendant (just for fun!)


From The Wheat Field (I love these prints, they are so bright and sweet)


From Allicoate

And from Roddy and Ginger (I could buy everything in this store!)




At the moment I am loving…

Jerome K. Jerome (not just because of his name!)

friends getting engaged

finding ways to help little girls to read and write

preparing for a very important wedding (my little sister’s!)

And I am eagerly awaiting…The Italian Film Festival (and my TOMS).

tick the box

Oh happy day!

Tick box where applicable….for things that make you happy.

French Film Festival

Anthropologie shipping to Australia ☑ (big tick!)

Little girls who love Mary Poppins ☑

Beautiful cook books like Rustica

blue rose

It seems that owls are the ‘in’ thing at the moment.  They are everywhere.  Even we have seen a little influx around our house in the shape of soft toys and a birthday cake.  It’s always a bit tempting to jump on a band wagon and go with the flow (in so many instances and in so many ways…).  While the current ‘I love owls’ band wagon has no great moral ramifications one way or the other, for myself or anyone else, I am choosing to not jump on. Instead I am going to start my own little band wagon (of 1!).  I adore blue roses.  They are unique and romantic and slightly ominous.  I just love them. And it seems I may have a few potential band wagon jumpers out there.  I found more than a few little blue rose treasures out in the blogesphere/etsy world.

This gorgeous blue rose necklace from tiedupmemories.

This sweet mobile by thimblythings.

Or this gorgeous fabric pin from carriegirl.

And for even more blue rose love – check out this little Treasury on Etsy.

Feel free to jump on.  I may even make some ‘I heart blue roses’ badges for all those on my little band wagon. x

common ground

Sometimes you meet people and it is difficult to find the common ground between the two of you.  Sometimes there is but a small crossover of ideology or interests or passions.  It is not a negative reflection of you or them, it’s just difficult to find common ground between you.

And then sometimes the common ground is vast and beautiful and beyond reason. 

I had breakfast this morning with three spectacular girls who I adore and it was a special treat for the four of us to get together. 

I savoured every second of it.     

These girls are honest and kind, beautiful and gracious.  Being near them breathes life into me and inspires me towards what I know is true and right.  

I have known these girls for over ten years and there is always the risk of growing apart.  But I think that I can safely say, this side of 10 years, that we will grow old together.  And the loveliest of things is that the common ground gets greater and firmer with every year.  For some reason, despite different interests, abilities and stages in life, it feels like our friendship gets better and deeper.     

I find it quite extraordinary that my life is full of these lovely people who speak truth and grace in necessary and equal quantities. 

I am sure there will be many more breakfasts to come and I am so unbelievably grateful for that. x



Watching a little girl chase her shadow (and then offer it a glass of water!)…is the best way to spend a spring morning.



The only way to attempt housework on a Sunday morning – gumboots, ballet costume and Josh Rouse playing very loudly.