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I am not crafty. I don’t care what people say and I don’t care how apparently easy something may be, I don’t really get it and I don’t really enjoy it.  However, when necessity calls – I must answer. 

We recently needed new bedside lamps and I couldn’t find anything I liked.  But I stumbled upon these great glass base’s really cheap and grabbed those.  Now to find shades I like…whole other story.  There is a definite style of lamps and shades out there at the moment, and it’s a style I don’t particularly warm too.  So I bought myself some plain shades and decided to cover them myself.  Not very crafty, more just a necessity. 

But I am quite proud of my efforts and like them a lot.  And very easy to do (which is not only important when I  am involved, but crucial to success).




Nancy's Jewelry Jar

I don’t often do this, but this is one I am happy to make an exception for. 

One of my most favourite people in the world has recently opened an Etsy store.  If you are not familiar with Etsy, check it out.  Great for supporting small business while finding unique pieces of handmade art, jewelry, and pretty much anything you can think of. 

I have known Jamie (aka Ladyjamie) for a long time and she is a dear friend and among the most honest people I know.  She has a great eye for detail and beauty.  Her Etsy store is a lovely collection of vintage, unique pieces she has found or vamped up or made herself. Just gorgeous.

Check out her store at.

tour de france

Yes it’s true – I love the Tour de France. I love the commitment and passion of the riders.  I love the complex strategies and technicalities of the race. I love the competition, rivalry and camaraderie.  I love that it is, to a degree, a team sport and they rely so heavily on their teams.  I am impressed by the pure strength and determination of the riders. 

I have a team I am deeply committed to – Saxo Bank.  I have a favourite – Fabian Cancellara (although I have soft spot for the Schleck boys).

As someone commented the other day, ‘who’d have thought Catherine would be into watching sport!’  And they are quite right,  even I find it weird that I love it and stay up all night to watch it.  But the Tour inspires imagination and possibility.  These men are not only good at what they do, they have committed to pursue it to the highest possible level.        

I find that incredibly challenging.  There are things that I claim to love doing and have a degree of competency at and yet I rarely pursue them outside my comfort zone.  I guess I am trying to push myself  a little more of late, but the watching the Tour does encourage me to be bolder and more determined.   

We have friends coming over tonight to watch the Tour with us (the lovely Geoff and Bec) and I feel they maybe slightly shocked at our involvement.  Maybe I’ll get them to sign a confidentiality agreement first….


IMG_5315It was our littlest girl’s 2nd birthday last week and we let her decide on which birthday cake she wanted (remember the good old Women’s Day Birthday Cake Book?!).  She chose the owl cake, which was actually a good choice considering she could have picked the carousel or the snake.  I don’t really like baking but little girls birthday cakes is one of the time’s I make an exception.  Initially the whole owl thing was quite random but, as these things tend too, it evolved into something more.  Owls ended up on the invites, on the walls, on the wrapping paper and hanging from the lights! 

There is something quite mysterious about owls. 

Throughout many cultures owls represent wisdom, intuition and intelligence.  The Native American tribes believed that the owl was their protector against harm and the ancient Greeks made the owl an emblem of wisdom. 

I would like to think that our little girl carries some of those traits – wise, intuitive, intelligent.  But even if she doesn’t, she had a lovely birthday and ate ridiculous amounts of owl cake and loved every second of it!



I have been more than a little distracted by this whole root canal, crazy pain thing, but today something swiftly brought me back to a better place (ie. reality!). 

My girls (3 and 1) have new pink gumboots. And they are delighted.

They are positively overwhelmed with excitement about these gumboots. 

They must be worn at all times – inside, outside, during meals, pre-bath, post-bath.

So much joy. 

It is lovely and hilarious to watch.
















So much nicer to be thinking about the girls and their boots than some silly tooth! (also nicer than writing essays!!)

these are a few of my favourite things…

‘That’s the best pumpkin based birthday cake I’ve ever had!’ – TS

‘I startled a weasel who startled me, and we exchanged a long glance. . . . Our eyes locked, and someone threw away the key.’ – Annie Dillard

‘Lets sit down and have a cup of tea and you can say the words in the book to me’. – my 3 year old daughter