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i heart…

My friend over at Freindly Fire recently posted an update of blogs he is reading, particularly new kids on the blogging block – such a great idea.  There are so many new blogs popping up around me and some really deserve a little blogging love sent their way.

A couple of my favourite new blogs also happen to belong to two of my favourite people.  Both these girls are good thinkers and their blogs reflect their lives beautifully.  Check out Erin’s here for sweet ideas and her lovely thoughts, and LadyJamie (who’s etsy site has made an appearance here once before) has started blogging here and is also inspiring and thoughtful.

And when Freindly Fire posts something, it is always worth reading.  Sometimes funny, sometimes insightful, always interesting.


the time has come…

After deliberating, procrastinating and avoiding what has become the inevitable, this blog is up and running (okay, going for a slow stroll through the park).  I have wavered back and forth over whether I have the time, inclination or enough interesting thoughts (still debating) to warrant a blog.  But I have come to the conclusion that it can’t hurt and if it provides either an interesting discussion or a distraction from study, well that’s just great! So we’ll give it a whirl and see what happens.