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We have been away for the last week, having a much needed holiday on the NSW south coast.  We stayed in a gorgeous spot overlooking the beach, had BBQ’s for tea every night, ate breakfast on the balcony and drank lots of cups of tea while reading.  The girls were sick the whole time we were away (still are) so they were happy to chill out drawing and reading most of the time too.  And we were also lucky enough to see whales hanging out in the bay, playing and splashing – they were really very amazing.  Hubby desperately needed a holiday so he spent lots of time on the bike (lucky him!).  I find it hard to prioritize going away like that, luckily hubby believes that it is essential and will make it happen regularly.  Even if it’s just clearing the weekend so we have a couple of days together as a family without the craziness of work, kinder runs, kids party’s etc. etc.

While we were away we went to a community market which consisted of a lot of second-hand books and gorgeous local fresh produce. I managed to pick up this little treasure.  I am very excited about this.  It is a (vintage) Magdalena tin.  Magdalena’s are a typical Spanish cake that you eat, dunked in your coffee, for breakfast.  We ate this every morning at our local coffee bar in Madrid.  They are delish and decadent. So this afternoon the girls and I are baking!

















I am starting to see a slightly concerning theme here: whenever I really need to study, I seem to cook!  But at least this time round it was more than simply procrastinating.  This is my mother-in-law’s birthday cake (s) – Turkish Delight cupcakes, made with rose-water, pistachio nuts and white chocolate.  I was happy with how they turned out, mother-in-law was happy, guests were happy – good result all round. 

Now where did I put those text books…




My in-law’s are moving to the country next month and we are putting on a little ‘au revoir’  afternoon tea for them.  So these are the practise choc-orange cupcakes. 

I have two little girls (and one big boy) who are awfully glad I do practise batches.


‘Beauty is to the spirit, what food is to the flesh’ – Fredrick Buechner.


I have been thinking a lot about beauty this last week- the absence of beauty and the definition of beauty. 


Autumn leaves, the smell of freshly ground coffee, my daughter’s giggle, lavender – all are beautiful, but all are subjective. 


The absence of beauty bothers me.

Moments of beauty breathe life into me. 


I live in an area which has recently been savaged by bushfires; horrendous, deadly fires.  And this week it snowed in these same areas.  In the blackest, fire ravaged landscape, there was snow falling. The contrast was startling.  Yet there has never been a more a literal example of ‘beauty from the ashes’.   


You don’t have to look hard to find beauty.  Sometime we just have to redefine our concepts of loveliness.


In response to some very ‘un-beautiful’ situations at my husband’s work, I made him this very beautiful cake. x