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A nice combination…

Take the lyrics of the Rob Thomas’ song ‘Someday’ and the movie ‘Julie and Julia’ and you will find that you end up somewhere between inspired and motivated (or in a not so great moment disillusioned and frustrated, but today we are going with the former). 

I like the new Rob Thomas stuff, it sounds vaguely like Kevin Prosch’s ‘Kiss the Son’ (which is an old school classic).  And actually there is just one line in RT’s song which resonates to the extent of initiating a blog post; ‘Maybe someday we will live our lives out loud’.  I don’t know what he meant when he wrote that, but I know what I hear when he sings it; ‘Maybe one day I will have the courage to do the things that I secretly want to do and be’.     

And then there is the movie ‘Julie & Julia’. 

I had read the book and found it mildly diverting and funny in moments but it certainly wasn’t a brilliant or captivating read.  However, as it turns out, this is one of the very few instances when the movie is better than the book.  The movie was lovely.  It was witty and engaging, honest and accessible.  I won’t dissect the plot except to say that the foundation of the movie is the story of two women pursing things that they felt like they were ‘meant’ to do.  Whether that was cooking or writing, both women pursued it with conviction and passion. 

So this raises a number of questions for me: what does it mean to ‘live my life out loud?’, what is it that I am ‘meant’ to do?, what am I convinced is innately who I am?, how do I pursue those things that I feel are important and necessary expressions of who I am?…


Such big and important questions.  And to be honest, awfully frustrating that I am still asking them.  I wish I had this sorted by now.  But I don’t, so I will just keep at it I guess.